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This application has been rejected. Please read the last comment which will contain the information regarding the reason(s) for rejection.
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Minecraft Username:
- IgnWu2

Discord Name#Identifier (Ex. Ryan#6907)
- Wu#0949

Link to your character application (Please provide the link to the thread of your approved character application)

Are you 16 years of age or older?
- 16

Nation-Related (Greater detail is expected!)

What is the nation are you applying for?
- Southern Aelon however it will be named Polaeria

What colour would you like your nation to be on the map? (Please provide a HEX code)
- #8b0000

How many players will be joining you upon acceptance? (Bonus points if they are already members of the Discord and can be named | Put N/A otherwise)
- Normal_Svante Protoop Mixa_King Omega_Nekro Genoveffo101 deadspoondealer Santa_Clause Major_Waffle 10 other less active people later on.

Have you previously played on earlier renditions of Patriam in Minecraft?
- Yes 1

Have you joined the Patriam Nations discord?
- Not yet

Detailed (Please answer the following in greater detail.)

What culture is your nation? (Ex: Northern Kallonian, Norkinian, Southern Kallonian, Aeloenic, etc.) [You can make up your own!]
- Polaerian - The culture is simple and it holds the religion of Polaru in it. It follows the simple values. to follow and trust your leader as he
has been selected by the God of Polaru,

However there are some things different about the Polaerian culture from most.

You would not be respected for power you would be respected for your actions and what you did to improve the way of life for Pqua and now The Nation of Polaeria. Therefore rulers of the village of Pqua and Kings and Emperos of the Nation of Polaeria had to work
gruesomly and ensure that they were good people or else the population would not support them. These are hard values to follow but
they ensure each Polaerian citizen is the best they can be especially the ruler of the Polaerian people. You do not get power from Royalty or if you are a a chief , you get it from people trusting you to be a good ruler or a good royal from hardwork and proving yourself to the people.

What religion is your nation? (OPTIONAL)

Polaru - The Religion of Polaru believes that the one true God is the one who created the realm of Patriam and he gave us free will and with everything bad thing you do there will be a positive thing come out of it vice versa. God chooses every Ruler and it is a treason to kill a Ruler
as you are directly committing a crime against a God , Unless he is a false ruler.

If you die in battle you will go to Paeura which is the place where every good person goes. Kings elected by god that have died
control Paeura and chooses who goes in and who does not.

The Religion of Polaru strongly believes that anyone that does not believe in the religion is not valuable to Gods protection. Those that
convert are excused and are put under Gods protection aslong as they follow the one true ruler : The Polaerian Emperor

Anyone that believes in a different religion or are worshipping a false prophet are not cared for by God

The 12 Rules of the religion of Polaru

Obey your Ruler aslong as they are chosen by the God of Polaru
Do not steal from anyone of the faith of Polaru
Do not kill anyone from the faith of Polaru
Do not commit blasphemy
Do not use God's or your Ruler's name in vein
Do not believe in any other religion
When you can try every possible way to convince someone to join the Polarun faith
You will use common sence
You will not try to harm anyone from the Polarun faith
You will always sacrifise yourself to protect the king.
Do not spread misinformation about God.
Treat your fellow Polarun like you want to be treated
You may only refer to God by the title God you may not use his real name same with your Ruler

Gods real name is Pae and you may only use his name in a place of Worship like a Paeu Temple
as that is the only time you are having a conversation to him and you are not allowed to speak behind Gods back using his name
it is deemed highly disrespectful.

The Paeu Temple
There is 1 Temple of Paeu it is found in the city of Polaero capital of Polaeria, It is found below the castle and is a beautiful and grand structure full of ancient artifacts and holy relics. you only have permission to go there as a noble or if you have special permission from the King , as it is
a place of holyness and the place where you can speak to God. those that still wish to worship and speak to God but are not a noble may create
a small shrine in their home and pray to the God.

The Paeu Temple was setup in the reign of King Atmos as God whispered in his dream to build it. And the whole religion started in that temple
so you must treat it with the upmost respect and treat it like the house of God.

The Legend of Pae
A thousand years ago a chief of the village Pqua village (which got destroyed a few hundred years ago by bandits and is the the original home
of the people or Polaeria) was highly religious and always convinced his fellow citizens that there must be a higher being. He started worshipping the spirit of Light and Dark and eventually he became interconnected with Light and Dark. One day he ascended to the clouds out of his house with white wings. The Chief was never found again except 1 year later when everyone in the town had a dream of Pae. Pae ordered
the citizens of Pqua to follow his religion of Polaru and listed the 12 rules of his religion. he also elected the new ruler which was the great great
grandfather of now Emperor Polaero. year after year for 100 years he kept appearing in peoples dreams giving them commands. and eventually
the religion of Polaru was born.

What government type is your nation? (Bonus points for unique titles and/or systems of government)
- Imperial Monarchy -

Emperor - All powerful being chosen by the God of Polaru and is usually crowned from the previous Emperors bloodline.

Prince , Princess and Queen - Less powerful than the Emperor but can order anything they want - Only can be overuled by the Emperor

The Advisory Council - They advice the emperor on his decisions there are 8 of them they are elected every 2 years. they have no actual
authority except advising the king. They can also pass laws aslong as the Emperor overviews them or a Prince , Princess or Queen

Nobles - Usually you cannot buy yourself into Nobleship you are gifted it by the king or by your bloodline. Nobles usually are also
generals or people of great power in the Army. They are expected to provide money to ensure the nation keeps running properly , and are also generally well respected and have atleast 1 or 2 guards. There are about 250 Nobles in the current day Nation of Polaeria and around
50 of them have some sort of higher army ranking or some control.

Upper Civilians - These civilians are usually set by the king in mass quantities during the yearly promotion ceremony. These citizens can
setup shops aswell as become Priests , Knights , Fishermen and more well paying jobs. You usually automatically get this promotion
after 15 years of being a good citizen in the Nation. They have little to no power but it is expected that atleast 1 Advisory Council member is a Upper Civilian. 65% of all Civilians are Upper Civilians.

Civilians - They hold 0 power in the nation but are still valuble to the Nation by doing jobs. Anybody can become a civilian if they apply to it
Most Polaerians with bloodlines are not Citzens anymore as they have leveled up so these are mainly migrants from other Nations that
wished to join the Polaerian Nation.

Why do you want to be the Nation Leader of this Nation?
- I am a experienced RPer as i come from the Medieval Ryannotbrian community and have led over 30 nations on geopolitical servers and i'd say i have a 80% success rate when it comes to RP and leading Nations.

What is the background and/or history of your Nation? (Linking to Google Docs is acceptable, the more detail and relation to existing lore the better! You may also elect to go by existing lore found on the wiki, in this case please put "As per wiki" and link to your nation's article on the official wiki.)

The Following extract is from a Polaerian history book

A few hundred years ago it was reported that a town on the ouskirts of the current documented lands of Patriam had been
pillaged and raided by a group of bandits.

This Villages name was called Pqua and it was the home of the people of Polaeria. Lead by Chief Potarmos [Grandfather of Polaero]
which was reported to have been killed in the raid trying to protect his son Atmos.

It was reported that only 25% of the people living in the city survived , around 35,000 Polaerians including Atmos which
was able to be saved , survived, The people travelled long and far and eventually stumbled upon the great powers of the world Pacis ,
Aeigon and another unnamed kingdom. Each of these great powers first welcomed the Polaerian migrants with open arms but
after a few months conditions became worse and worse and eventually it got so bad that the Polaerian people were basically slaves
doing hard labour just to be fed.

After a few years of enduring these harsh conditions which later got so severe that men were being publicly executed for not working ,
children were getting whipped and women having unspeakable crimes committed against them, a fellow Polaerian , Atmos son of the previous Chief of Pqua , had grown up to the point he understood the atrocities these Noblemen and Royals were commiting so he mustered the remainder of the Polaerian people on a journey to find a new home , a home built by the Polaerians , a home which they could take revenge on these upperclass exploiters.

45,000 Polaerians and 25,000 Civilians Which were promised a better life , joined him on his journey to found a new kingdom. They travelled
far and wide to ensure that the location they found was suitable to setup camp and also hidden from the corrupt nations of the world.

75 Years ago , they landed on the southern part of Aelon and immiedatly fell in love with the beautiful lakes and flat land. It also was
full of timber and Animals perfect for setting up a future kingdom. Everyone agreed that it was the perfect place to settle.

Everyone mutually agreed that their leader should be Atmos which displayed excellent capabilities in leading and fighting aswell as
being a generous and humble man, His reign lasted 30 years and during his the sixth year of his rule he had a son. He decided
to name name him Polaero after the capital they lived in.

After 30 years of rule Atmos was reported to be around 110 - 130 Years old , he wanted to go into retirement , He decided
to crown his son Prince Polaero at the time the new King as he showed excellent and unmatched fighting skill , beating up to
12 guards with just his hands. Aswell as the time being adored by the people for his multiple donations to the charities in the city aswell
as setting up food stands for the less fortunate. Another side which nobody knew was that Polaero had strong beliefs about the defenceability and the capability of the Polaerian army.

At the time 24 year old Polaero accepted the crown and was Crowned the second King of Polaeria.

In the first 5 years of his reign he setup:

- The Polaerian Navy

- Expanded the Polaerians Armies capabilites by increasing its size and making a mandatory training for all men above the age of 16.
Now 120,000 Polaerians knew how to defend themselves and could be called in during a war.

- Reformed the Monarchy and replaced the title of King with Emperor to ensure the position was more solid and more respected.

- Discovered a new type of fighting style and a new army divison - The Winged Polaerian Calvary Divison

- Aswell as developing food and discovered that you must have a healthy diet for a longer lifespan. Now the Polaerians peoples lifespan would be anywhere from 100 - 210 years of living and the Monarchy had a very strict diet so they could live even up to 250 years old.

However in the 7th year of his reign It was discovered Atmos his father and the previous king of Polaeria had been shot dead by
a very large bolt that seemed like a arrow but was much more reinforced. It was reported that he was shot through the top of the
skull from a machine high above in the mountains.

This made the people of Polaeria have a even deeper hatred for the other kingdoms as they saw them as a direct threat , And now
were worried for a possibility of their king being assasinated just like Atmos. However this was somewhat good for the King Polaero
as now he had a excuse to spend more money into researching war weapons and expanding his army.

We live in the 30th year of Polaeros reign. the time when he prepares to expand Polaeria and finally take revenege on the kingdoms
which exploited and mistreated the people of Polaeria and finally avenge his village and father. There has been massive growth and he has
accomplished this through the last 30 years of his reign:

After heavy experimenting he has invented a type of weapon which was shaped like a huge crossbow. it fired the same arrows that were used to kill the previous king Atmos, it could even pierce a stone wall if aimed accurately enough.

This wasn't the only war machine the Polaerians had invented. they also invented the catapult which was used to fire
large rocks or Logs that were set a blaze and fired.

A School system that educates boys and girls from 9 - 16 and you get taught basic training general knowledge and how to be a good citizen. education is free and every child is required to go to school unless they get special permssion.

He now had 12,500 full time royal guards aswell as 50,000 active army men patrolling his city, there were also 250,000 farmers and civilians
that could be armed and equipped to fight in a war if needed. The Calvary division had 6,000 men and the Navy has 25,000 sailors
which in peacetime were used to gather things like string and inc sacs.

The City of Polaero has a beautiful landscape with huge farms and a collosal castle that holds all the royalty and some nobility.

This is the backstory that is public to every Polaetrian Citizen and it is common knowledge.

Any extra information/things you'd like to add?
- OOC: We are going to be a expansive nation that will look to be the conflict starters for wars. to get the server more active and also more enjoyable for the playerbase as 1 common foe everyone can work to is better than some small tensions.
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evil dictatorships and weak governments

This a very modern phrasing, it doesn't work in the context of Patriam

- Polaenian - This culture follows the ideals of those that are born into it can never leave it and have to follow the leader no matter what. they have a code of honour for themselves and their supreme leader is [ME] they will follow their supreme leader which will take commands from God. They will do gods work. And will free the lands of Patriam from the evil dictatorships and weak governments. Their goals is to bring Glory and Wealth to their families and make the other nations poor and weak.

This doesn't actually really explain the culture. Since you are creating a brand new culture you'll need to put specific effort into talking about the culture. I highly recommend using the GRAPES guide I've provided

- Polaerian - The belief that all of us are Gods Fighters fighting for him and IgnWu2 is the one true messanger of god spreading his word to the world and commanding his army on how god wants him to. there are rumours that IgnWu2 is immortal due to him being a godlike being yet this is not confirmed or denied yet. His people will follow him into the shadows of war and more!

Again, you mention a player, use character names. You also need to explain significantly more about this god, especially since all current Patriamic religions are polytheistic and not monotheistic. GRAPES again is an excellent guide for fleshing things out.

What government type is your nation? (Bonus points for unique titles and/or systems of government)
Imperial Monarchy - has a Emperor and he is the Supreme Leader

Explain this more? Is it an absolute monarchy, is there like an advisory council of nobles or a parliament/senate or something?

We were a peaceful people untill about 150 Years ago 46069 AD when their small tribal village was brutally and without mercy slaughtered.
Point of preference, you say "we were" and then use "their", its a syntax/continuity error. I recommend using 3rd person adjectives since you are talking about the history and your ancestors. You have also

Bad name

This is what happend to the beautiful village of Polono. Rogue scouts of the Kingdom of Aegon and Pacis were found brutally slaughtered everyone but 15 of the civilians and unfortunatly Wu Polonius' Grandfather Edward Polonius was Brutally slaughtered and one of the last living survivors heard the scream of "IN THE NAME OF THE KING" "YOU ARE TO BE EXECUTED YOU FIFLTHY WIDLING"
No, just no.
You keep switching between present tense as if you're sitting around a campfire telling the story and past tense as if writing a wikipedia article. I strongly recommend leaning toward the wikipedia article side of things and keeping everything generalised and coherant since its a bit all over the place right now.

Edward is not an acceptable name
wu is not an acceptable name
Polonius is not an acceptable name
Pacis is a republic, and has been for the last 300 or so years. Before that it was an empire ruled by an Emperor and a ruling elite of senators.
Aeigon, not Aegon
There's also no reasoning mind why Pacis or Aeigon would attack you. Both are regional powers and have almost zero influence outside of Northern Kallonia and there's no reason for them to do so as almost all their resources are poured into fortifying their frontiers and fighting various smaller conflicts between them.

Wu was born 126 Years after the massacare of his home village. And with the few followers he still has left he shall get revenege on the kingdom of Aeigon and Pacis and will allow the other kingdoms to join him in the effort to unify the World under the Polaerian banner if they refuse then brute force will be used.
If your character is an Emperor, why was he born in a village? Or how did he become Emperor? If you have so few followers, how are you a nation? As technically Pacis, Aeigon, Kaigonia, etc. have tens, if not hundreds of thousands, of citizens scattered across their realms. Again, it doesn't make sense for Aeigon or Pacis to attack you and its also not an event that's happened in the server anyway. So the whole bit about getting revenge needs to be struck. Additionally, your people would only really have knowledge of Northern Kallonia, Norkinia, Southern Kallonia, and Watol. Outside of that info and maps would be very limited considering the only major naval power is The Norkinian Empire and most trade is done internally in each continent.

Wu Polonius was raised by his father Gregory Polonius not to trust anybody that holds a banner of a Nation or Kingdom and to lead his people into prosperity , glory , wealth , and victory, He has a strong belief that the world should be ruled by 1 Nation with a iron fist with Good laws that everyone respects and a smart ruler. He has read the history of all the nations and is planning his next moves like a Master Chess player. taking pawn by pawn untill he starts taking out the knights and eventually The Kings and Queens.
Gregory is not an acceptable name "world should be ruled by 1 Nation with a iron fist with Good laws that everyone respects and a smart ruler." - This is just poorly written tbh There is no chess in Patriam

The Villages name was Polono and it was a few miles away from the modern world border
The worldborder isn't a real thing, its just a gameplay mechanic, it shouldn't be mentioned.

coming to the ultimate conclusion that all the kingdoms and nations of the world were flawed and injust and would exploit the people of Polaeria.

They settle in Arkaen a beautiful place filled with lakes timbers and plains. perfect for setting up a prosperous Empire and gather resources to Take down every other nation.
Arkaelonia, but its actually on the other side of Aeigon (North). The region you are in is just called "Southern Aeloen"

There is 1 thing to mention. The Polaerian Kingdom will take mercy on the newer kingdoms as long as they see that they are not oppressive and have a good structure of government. They are even willing to work with the newer Kingdoms.
The "1 thing to mention" part is bad form Are you a Kingdom or an Empire? Define Oppressive and "Good Structure"

The Polaerian People also might of accidently had a part in the Norkinian Civil War yet not much is known about these rumours.
They did not, The Norkinian Civil War (which hasn't begun yet and is off-screen currently) is the result of twin princes, Bjarn IV and Elrejk III dividing the Empire between two spheres of influence after their father, High King Bjarn III, suddenly died of illness and failed to nominate a successor. A vote was taken by the various nobles and lords of the three Imperial Houses (Sarin, Druokon, and Sjurin) with House Sarin siding with Bjarn, House Druokon siding with Elrejk III, and Sjurin being roughly split 50/50, and so with no clear successor still the civil war began. But these events have yet to happen and are the origin of Phase 2's storyline.

the Empire of Polaeria will setup a libary to study more on its history and then document it on the Wiki.
You mention the wiki which is something beyond even the server, its way OOC and shouldn't be mentioned in the backstory. As a player, you also cannot edit or post on the canon wiki.

Also anyone can join Polaeria as long as they pass the trial and bend the knee to the rightful ruler of the Kingdoms. IgnWu2
what trial? Also again, use character names and not player IGNs


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Being a Nation Leader is a position that requires a lot of trust and has a lot of responsibility. As a Nation Leader you are responsible to ensure your members comply general rules, but primarily RP and build rules.
However, your recent actions in the short amount of time in the server has generated concern that you are not suitable to be a Nation Leader.

Although I do appreciate the time and effort you have put into your nation application, I cannot in good faith guarantee that you will be able to abide by the rules of Patriam and ensure that the experience and immersion of Patriam is not broken due to your infractions and inability to behave to the standards required of a Nation Leader.
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