Rejected Kingdom of Brexicuria

This application has been rejected. Please read the last comment which will contain the information regarding the reason(s) for rejection.
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I agree to follow these rules thoroughly

Background Information

Minecraft Username:

Discord Name#Identifier (Ex. Ryan#6907)

Link to your character application (Please provide the link to the thread of your approved character application)
-In need to be approved but heres the link anyway:

Are you 16 years of age or older?
-I am 17 years old

Nation-Related (Greater detail is expected!)

What is the nation are you applying for?
-for Southern Aelon

What colour would you like your nation to be on the map? (Please provide a HEX code)

How many players will be joining you upon acceptance? (Bonus points if they are already members of the Discord and can be named | Put N/A otherwise)
- for now at least one although i think this will be more after my other members get online. Name is: gaming_with_the_boyss and Toby_Turtle1

Have you previously played on earlier renditions of Patriam in Minecraft?
- Unfortunately i have not. i was a bit late to the party:)

Have you joined the Patriam Nations discord?
-I have indeed

Detailed (Please answer the following in greater detail.)

What culture is your nation? (Ex: Northern Kallonian, Norkinian, Southern Kallonian, Aeloenic, etc.) [You can make up your own!]

What religion is your nation? (OPTIONAL)
-We are not religious

What government type is your nation? (Bonus points for unique titles and/or systems of government)
-We have a monarchy where the king is supported by a council. within the council there are ministers(Lords) of each major aspect of ruling. such as military(constable), politics(Lord of diplomacy), economics(Lord high treasurer).

Why do you want to be the Nation Leader of this Nation?
-I would like to create a Thriving nation, in economical, military and political aspects. Brexicuria will stand its ground against the dangers of this world

What is the background and/or history of your Nation? (Linking to Google Docs is acceptable, the more detail and relation to existing lore the better! You may also elect to go by existing lore found on the wiki, in this case please put "As per wiki" and link to your nation's article on the official wiki.
-In the early days of Brexicuria, the land was plagued by bandits, raiders, and other dangerous factions. The people of the land were defenseless against these threats, and the kingdom was on the brink of collapse. In this time of crisis, a group of skilled warriors banded together to protect their people and ensure the survival of their kingdom. This group formed a order and quickly gained a reputation as fearsome warriors and strategic thinkers. They were able to outmaneuver their enemies both on and off the battlefield, and their skill in combat was unmatched. Their dedication to their cause was unwavering, and they were willing to do whatever it took to protect their people and their land.

As the years passed, the order of Brexicurians became increasingly involved in the politics of Brexicuria. They used their military might and political influence to ensure that the kingdom was run justly and fairly, and that the needs of the common people were always taken into account. They became known as the guardians of Brexicuria, and their reputation as defenders of the people only grew stronger.

Despite facing many challenges and setbacks over the years, the Order of the Brexicurians remained committed to their cause. They continued to serve as the protectors of Brexicuria, and their legacy lived on long after they were gone. Today, the people of Brexicuria still look to this order as a source of inspiration and strength, and they continue to uphold the values of honor, duty, and loyalty that they embodied.

Any extra information/things you'd like to add?
I am actively recruiting so expect more members! (if there are any grammar mistakes please point them out if you have time)
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@LieutenantJack2 has agreed to take over Kyrenthia, and thus this application is now void as they are a leader of another nation now.
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