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    The Age of Kings

    Aeigon is a relative newcomer to the Northern Kallonian political sphere.
    The Aeigonan people have their first mentions in the stories and legends during the Age of Kings, between 6000 and 3000 years ago.
    There once existed many Aeigonan realms, several Kings ruled small territories across the southern and western coastlines of Northern Kallonia. For generations these Kings fought between themselves; loyalties and borders were often changed by conflicts, alliances, and marriages alike.

    The War of the Nine Kings

    The War of the Nine Kings marked the final chapter in The Age of Kings.
    Aeigon, for the first time, had united into a single realm as The First Kingdom of Aeigon, under King Ariathaen I only a decade prior to the war.
    King Ariathaen had secured the support of the powerful Kingdom of Pacis to the east, paying tribute to the King of Pacis in exchange for protection, independence, and an alliance. But this new-found ally would drag the Aeigonan people into a brutal and bloody conflict.

    King Araxan II of Kyrenthia had recently defeated and annexed the Lesser Kingdoms of Oraegor, Thangae, and Bakaviae to the North, securing control of vital trade hubs and cementing Kyrenthia as a powerful rival to the political duopoly of The Kingdom of Pacis and The Second Kingdom of Norkinia. Tributary realms once loyal to Pacis began to switch side and pledge fealty to the Kyrenthians as many saw the rising powerful realm as a better option.

    Furious at the loss of influence and territory, and fearing a Kyrenthian invasion, Pacis sent out envoys to its many allies and tributes across Northern Kallonia, rallying them to defend Pacis as they were bound to do so by their agreements.
    King Ariathaen accepted the call to arms, rallying a large army of peasent levies and professional infantry, King Ariathaen marched his army to the city of Pacis, linking up with King Paegoron VI of Pacis, King Kaeson III of Argoanica, King Sennkos II of Aenhuron, and King Orbae I of Atrieagon.

    The Court of The Five Kings, as the famous meeting of these KIngs became known as, provided the foundation for the Pacisian Coalition's campaign against Kyrenthia.