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If you are interested in helping Patriam with one of the following,
  • Quest Development
    • This includes dialogue, quest chains, rewards, etc.
    • You will follow the direction of the executives and the quest design management to brainstorm, design, and implement simple quests and quest chains to keep players engaged and offer more things to do.
    • This may include new areas and builds or working on existing ones.
    • Plus, it also differs because modded blocks can now be used.
    • Duties will be to follow the directions of the executives and build team management to design and construct needed builds for the server.
  • Player Retention
    • This may include community events (movie nights, game nights, etc.) or server events such as PvP events, treasure hunts, etc.
    • Your job will be to brainstorm with the executive, staff, and other player retention members to keep players interested, engaged, and having a fun time!
  • Advertisement
    • This may include Reddit posts, Discord posts, recommending options to appeal to new players, etc.
    • The duties are to help Patriam out in areas we may not have explored or help us improve existing posts and advertisements to bring players in.

If you are suited to anything in the above list, please fill out the following information and comment below.

Discord Tag#ID:

Specialties (from the list above, if applicable):

Tell us a bit about yourself:

Tell us about your specialty experience (If applicable):

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