Changelog 3.1

I am going to start trying to do changelogs so that people are in the loop with what is changing on the server. So here is the first official changelog.

I have given an arbitrary number based on the iteration of Patriam that we're in and based on previous changes I have made in the past.

Implemented Changes
I'll do my best at summarizing what was changed as I did not make any notes.​
  • Routine plugin updates
  • Alex has released the Province Colonization Format
  • Combat Log has been added
    • If you try to enter a worldguard region with PvP disabled or faction claims, it should knock you back and prevent you from entering. If you enter combat with a player and log out, you will die.
  • Powder Chests have been added
    • The more TNT or gunpowder that you store in a chest, the more powerful the explosion will be if the chest is broken while TNT or gunpowder is stored within it.
    • This means that 1) you must store your explosives safely away from valuable locations or storage 2) consider multiple storage locations to prevent a chain reaction of explosions if an explosion were to occur
  • Some effect durations on brews have been reduced as they were a bit high and rather easy to make.
  • Bird messages (Replacement for /msg)
    • A feature that Alex and I wanted for quite a long time was birds/pigeons for private messages. The plugins I found previously were incompatible with some of our plugins and outdated. So I went on without. However, I recently found an updated plugin that did what I wanted. Somehow it never came up in my Google searches. I tested it and I liked it - so now /msg is replaced with /bird <player> <message>
    • When you send a bird to someone, it takes time for your message to reach.
    • One feature which I did put in a request to have config options added was for pigeon speed and the number of pigeons you may send at once. Awaiting a reply from the plugin developer
I found an amazing Factions plugin that does exactly what we want with vassals and lieges and the possibility for factions to mint their own local currencies! To provide minimal disruption to the server, I am using my development server to run a copy of the Patriam server with the world and factions data so that we can make the claims with the plugin and when we're done. It should only take a few minutes on the live server to transfer the new plugin and its data over.​
Unfortunately, we cannot transfer members over; we will be required to invite the leaders again and give them control and they will have to reinvite their members again.​
However, this plugin adds a lot of the features that we wish we had to begin with - it has even got faction flag permissions to give vassals OR allies access to build on the land and it has built-in support for dynmap colours. It's amazing!​

A few weeks back, our Captcha bot changed its ways of verifying users and it was becoming more and more of a nuisance for new players to gain access to the Discord. In light of the challenges from the bot, I made multiple changes to the verification system. The first change was making the message look a lot better using a custom Discord embed to provide new players who read the message with concise and easy-to-navigate information.​
The big change was getting rid of the Captcha bot altogether and using Dynobot joinable rules which allowed people who were not in the Member role to dop ?rank Member but this still was an inefficient way of doing things, especially if the user did not read the message. It later occurred to me to just use reaction roles; so once again I modified the embed to have the instructions to join right at the bottom and enabled reaction roles for the message. This has significantly improved the user verification process while still having protections against bot accounts.​
As part of this process, I also created a fancy embed in our temporary #dm channel. This channel was created to limit the Discord channel member list to those without the Linked role (those who have not joined the server) so that we could try and reach out to them.​

Website / Forums:
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