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Hi, there applicant! You've found the Architect Application! Filling out this format and completing this application may give you the chance to join our team! However, you must have some background information first. The team is run by our Chief Architect @Japersx

Japers is currently looking for qualified Java-Edition builders to join the build team to make this amazing server come to life. Patriam: Infinitus is in mid-build progression, and the current build team is making the final push to get things done. But we can't do it alone.

Applicable builders who can fulfill at least one of the following criterion are of primary consideration (the more criterion fulfilled, the better):
  • Architects who specialize in organic builds (i.e. life-like statues and objects)
  • Architects who specialize in terrain and landscaping
  • Architects who specialize in Medieval and/or Ancient architecture
  • Architects who specialize in dungeons for quests
*The criterion above may change to reflect the future needs of the build team and its projects.​

**A build portfolio must be made available for inspection before admittance as an architect for Patriam: Infinitus*​
NOTE: If you do not have a build portfolio, we can work out a time and date to where you can build a sample as an application.

Though this can be considered a commission-style project, there is no payment for the building. This is strictly on a volunteer basis.

Please feel free to reach out to an Executive Team Member or the Chief Architect japers on our Discord.

  • Must be 14 years of age or older​
  • Must have a verified Discord account​
  • Must not have any active bans or serious infractions on file on Patriam MC​
  • Must be able to write fluently in English​

** Information and documents made available to you within the Staff Team must be kept confidential. Information may include player information or server information that is not to be released to the public or specifics about events that are not to be known by players such as locations or release dates.

You acknowledge by continuing and applying for a position in the Build Team; that you will keep said confidential information and anything else deemed confidential to yourself or within a group authorized by the Executive Team.

Application Format
Please copy and paste the format below into this link and submit the thread when it's completed!
Name the thread: [Your Username] Architect Application

Background Information
First Name:
Minecraft Username:
Discord Name#Tag:
How old are you?
Do you have a microphone?
What country do you live in?
What is your timezone?
What days are you able to play?
Do you currently have a job (irl)?
Anything else we should know about you?

Architect Specific Responses
Are you familiar with WorldEdit?
Are you familiar with working in a team on the same project?
Please provide a link to your portfolio if applicable (Imgur, Google Drive, etc.)
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