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  1. gerber11

    Rejected Kingdom of Brexicuria

    Rejected @LieutenantJack2 has agreed to take over Kyrenthia, and thus this application is now void as they are a leader of another nation now.
  2. gerber11

    Approved Kaigonia Application

  3. gerber11

    Approved Taahktchtlahtl Colonization Form

    Approved Sorry about the delay. Apparently, this was accepted but Alex forgot to go ahead with the comment and thread acceptance. We apologize. I have gone ahead and transferred Wojoke into Taahktchtlahtl and allied your faction to provide build perms. If you have any questions or concerns. Do...
  4. gerber11

    Approved Qualezutol Province Application

    Status Update Due to real-life events, @LucianLandwehr is unable to proceed as leader of Qualezutol and must take a leave of absence from the server until further notice. @Accrayer is the de-facto leader of Qualezutol now.
  5. gerber11

    Approved Application for Aelocoran

    Conditional Acceptance I forwarded your application to @Atmos for review. However, as he has things going on in his life, the review is becoming delayed. I am personally unsure if this will meet Alex's requirements to fit within the lore. Thus, to allow you and your crew to start playing. I am...
  6. gerber11

    Approved Kuoakaeno

    Approved A little short on the background information but otherwise it is good.
  7. gerber11

    Approved Halledruthaen Province Application

    Well... you do have a choice. You can not impose a response that one should have to your nation or character on others.