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    Rejected King Wu Polonius

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    Approved Character Application

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    Pending Open Diodoros "Za Warudo"

    Pending There is nothing North of Norkinia Your backstory, name, and title of application do not match. Please fix this. Your culture cannot be Northern Kallonian if you were not born in Northern Kallonia
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    Approved Character application

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    Rejected The Nation of Polaeria

    Rejected Being a Nation Leader is a position that requires a lot of trust and has a lot of responsibility. As a Nation Leader you are responsible to ensure your members comply general rules, but primarily RP and build rules. However, your recent actions in the short amount of time in the server...
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    Rejected The Nation of Polaeria

    Pending This a very modern phrasing, it doesn't work in the context of Patriam This doesn't actually really explain the culture. Since you are creating a brand new culture you'll need to put specific effort into talking about the culture. I highly recommend using the GRAPES guide I've...
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    Approved Application for Aenhuron

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    Pending Open Character App

    Pending Pacis is currently ruled by an Oligarchy headed by a single Consul. The Imperial bloodline of Pacis is believed to have been ended during the Pacisian Civil War over 250 years ago. If you are speaking about the village of Raehun (the NPC one) it is controlled by the Republic of Pacis...
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    Pending Open Character application (now attempt 2): Krya

    Pending Leading towards rejected. There is no sorcery or magic in Patriam. At 110 years old you're the equivalent to roughly a 65-85yr old man. Puppetier is not an acceptable name. The title "Sir" is not really applicable to Patriam. There is no custom of Knighting and getting called "Sir...
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    Approved Character Application

    Approved Welcome to Patriam!
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    Approved Character Application for Adrara Syrassa

    This is acceptable, please edit your post to reflect the name change and it can be approved.
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    Approved Character application

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    Approved Character Application for Adrara Syrassa

    Pending Tatiana is a real world name, please change to an appropriate Patriam one!
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    Approved Character Application

    Accepted This is the perfect character application, excellent job!
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    Rejected Character Application - Rufus

    Rejected No changes made.
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    Rejected TayteT "Rogard The Rock"

    Rejected No changes made.
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    Approved Character Application

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    Pending Open Character Application - Hadeon

    Pending There are no such things as "Third world" countries in Patriam, this is not a relevant classification. As a Pacisian, you are more likely to be a Northern Kallonian than a Norkinian, but may be a Norkinian if spoken about in your backstory.